Waste Solutions
You've got Waste, We've got Solutions 
Remember to place your bin out the night before your pick up.

Please keep our worker Ray in your prayers, as he recovers from a serious health issue.

In 2016 Waste Solutions was able to recycle over 2 million pounds of waste that would have otherwise been in the landfill.

Thank you for you contribution.

About Us
Waste Solutions is locally owned and operated, which enables us to give you the best service possible. The customer is the solution to success, so we provide a reliable service at a great price to make sure to keep our customers satisfied.

Our worker Ray, who suffered a stroke the Friday before Christmas and was in intensive care for a month, is showing some improvement.  Please continue your thoughts and prayers for Ray and his family.

Seasonal "Trash Talk" Newsletter
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Winter Newsletter
Important Notices

Inclement Weather
In the winter there are many weather conditions that can pose a threat to our regular pick up. In event of snow, ice, or other unsafe driving conditions be sure to check our webpage, facebook page, or office voicemail for updates.

Please be mindful of our drivers and understand that it is not a missed pick up if your can is not out.
Thank you!