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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we receive, if yours isn't on here, give us a call!
  1. Why do I need to place my can out the night before my scheduled pick-up?


    Our drivers work hard to make sure they get every customer, but routes are always changing and they could be in your area very early. To prevent being missed, we want to make sure your can is out when our drivers come by.
  2. What can't I put in my trash can?


    Construction waste such as concrete, dirt, wet sheet rock, tile, oil based paints, etc. These things do not compact well inside of a truck, and paint can cause a mess on the street or in the truck.
  3. What all can I recycle?


    Visit our recycling page to see all the things you can recycle!
  4. What is the holiday schedule?


    If there is a change in pick-up due to a holiday we will have a message on our voicemail 24/7 so feel free to call! There will also be updates here, on our website, leading up to the day.
  5. I referred a friend to your service.. now what?


    Remind your friends or family to mention your name when signing up for you to get a free month of your service! You'll see the credit on your next bill.

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