We are currently using a new E-billing payment system that benefits YOU!

We are very excited to announce you will now be able to look at your balance, make payments and set up recurring billing on our website - quickly and securely!

It is very important to have your Account Number handy, which you can find at the top right of your bill.
New customers will be assigned an account number when you begin service.

After entering your account number, create your account with a personal user ID and password! This way you can come back later and see your account. Remember - your user ID is CASE SENSITIVE!

Click here to view your account & make a payment
  1. E-Billing
    Choose paperless and have your quarterly bills sent to your email!
  2. Recurring Billing
    Choose to set up your own recurring billing so you don't have to remember to pay a bill - it will be automatically paid for you!
  3. Secure Login
    Create your own unique user login, but remember - it is case sensitive!
  4. One Time Payments
    Don't feel like enrolling? You can choose to make a one time payment! Just make sure you have your account number handy! (Located at the top right of your paper bill)
  5. View your balance
    You are now able to see your exact balance for the most recent bill sent out. You also have to ability to modify the payment amount to be more or less than the amount due.
  6. Immediate Confirmation
    Your payment confirmation will immediately be available to you after making a payment.