Terms of Service

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Trash Collection

Acceptable Containers
All trash must be placed in standard 30 gallon trash cans, tied plastic bags or in a Waste Solutions, Inc. provided wheeled cart.

Amount Collected Per Pickup
Waste Solutions, Inc. will collect all the normal household trash that your family generates on a weekly basis.

Pickup Times
We ask that trash and recycling items be placed at curbside the night before your scheduled pickup. Actual route pick-up times are subject to change without notice.  Leave space between the trash and recycling cans.

What we will not pick up
Oil, paint, dead animals, construction materials, toxic or flammable items, propane tanks, car batteries, sod, rocks, dirt, concrete, large tree stumps, tires, rigid metal (such as steel bars), medical waste, and hazardous waste. Any item that cannot be safely loaded and hauled away. 
  • PAINT – Left-over paint may be taken to paint stores or Habitat for Humanity.  DRIED water-based paint cans may be put in trash. 
  • TIRES – may be taken to tire stores.
  • MEDICINES – may be taken to Timberlake or Rustburg Pharmacy.
  • CAR AND LAWN MOWER BATTERIES – may be taken to auto supply stores.
  • FLORESCENT BULBS – may be taken to Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Special Bulk Items
Lumber, furniture, and other large misc. items require special attention.
Please call our office in advance.

Limits of our Responsibilities
We will not be responsible for trash can lids, plastic trash cans of any size or any articles, large or small, left at or near curbside. We cannot be responsible for any personal trash cans that are used.

Holidays & Weather

We pick up on all holidays, except New Year’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and holidays when the landfill is closed. Since all of your trash will be picked up on the following business day of your scheduled pickup day, there will be no adjustment on your bill. 

Inclement Weather
Waste Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to cancel collection service days in areas in which we deem the roads unsafe due to snow or ice. Remember, even though your car may make it through your area, we will not attempt to drive a large truck on icy, hilly roads. Your safety is important to Waste Solutions, Inc. Since all of your trash will be picked up on the following business day of your scheduled pickup day, there will be no adjustment on your bill.


Waste Solutions, Inc. offers recycling services upon request. Please call our office in advance for pricing and to schedule.
Please see our website for acceptable items that we do recycle and those we do not.

Referral Credit

Refer a friend, neighbor, or colleague to us and receive a month free when they sign up and begin our service.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, Waste Solutions, Inc. requires that you call and speak to our office personnel to terminate your service a minimum of 30 days prior to your anticipated cancellation date. At the time of cancellation, your account will be charged a $25.00 fee for collecting and refurbishing our containers, if applicable. All Waste Solutions, Inc. equipment provided to you during your time of service is to be scheduled for pickup at time of cancellation. Any trash bins not returned are subject to a $100.00 charge per cart.